Become an Avon Rep

If I asked you to share these top quality products and amazing offers with your friends & family, could you do it?

When you sell with Avon, there are multiple ways you can sell, so you’re bound to find a way that suits you and your routine! Whether it’s online, with our brochures or a bit of both, you’ll love selling Avon.

How does it work?

  • You can sell online with your own digital brochure & online store, you can sell offline with paper brochures or you can do both.
  • Earn from the very first product you sell, there is no minimum order to earn with Avon.
  • You’ll earn between 15-30% commission meaning the more you sell the more you’ll earn.
  • We have a new brochure with new products every month and we have new online offers every week, meaning you always have something new to share with customers.
  • Sell to your own friends and family or find more customers online or around your local area with my support.
  • When selling offline, you’ll place the orders for your customers, you do this through your Avon Rep account. You’ll then deliver these orders to your customers and collect payment on delivery. You then pay Avon and pay yourself from the money collected in from your customers, the paperwork inside your orders clearly show you how much is due to Avon and how much is due to you … when selling online, Avon deliver the orders directly to the customers and pay your commission in to your bank account.
  • As a new Rep you’re also eligible to take part in our Rep Success Programme where you can achieve some fab prizes for simply completing your online learning and hitting your sales target.
  • Our welcome kits start from just £9 with no upfront costs, watch the video below to see what’s inside our ultimate welcome kit.
  • You will receive your own Representative discount book as well as gain access to Avon’s online outlet.
  • If you decide to join Avon with me you’ll be joining a team of over 12,000 Representatives and you’ll be invited to join our friendly facebook group. Inside our facebook group you’ll find exclusive training videos, top tips from our team and regular challenges & incentives to help you grow your sales.

Being an Avon Rep is Fun, Flexible and Rewarding, simply choose the kit that’s right for you and you’re in business!

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