Avon Top Level

I’m so proud of my VIP’s this evening 💯 just 3 weeks ago, they all set some pretty big goals and they’ve absolutely smashed them 💪 in just 21 days we’ve welcomed 90 new leaders in to our network and over 1500 people have joined our team 😲 and myself and Dennis have become the first people in Avon to achieve the top level ‘VIP Senior Ambassador 😲

Achieving this level in our business is a huge milestone. We remember when Avon first announced the VIP levels, VIP Senior Ambassador seemed absolutely impossible to achieve but then we reminded ourselves that one of the things we’ve always told people is that anything is possible with this business, so we had to make VIP Senior Ambassador level one of our goals. We hope by achieving this level it shows the rest of our team what they can achieve and that we are committed to supporting them to achieve it. 💯

One of the things that has enabled our business to grow at such pace and speed is embracing social media and running with it, we’re always hungry to learn new skills and make a considerable investment each year in to our own personal training and development so that we can pass what we learn on to our team. We’ve recognised that we are only one person, so we have automated as much of our business as possible without losing that personal touch that is needed, this frees up our time to spend with our VIP diamonds to ensure they achieve their goals.” ⭐️

I’m so proud of our team and so excited for the future ⭐️

No next level, Reached the top, its a VIP thing!

Michelle Kirkbride

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