10,000 VIP’s

Michelle Kirkbride

In just a few months time it’ll be 10 years since me and my parter were on this holiday in Vilamoura, Portugal 😊 where we made the decision that when we returned home, Dennis would leave his job and I would resign from my business to become full time, self employed leaders with Avon 😅

People must have thought we were crazy, I know a few people thought Dennis would be asking for his job back within a month or so … and just to give you an idea of what I walked away from to rejoin Avon as a partnership with Dennis, in the month that I resigned, my team sales were over £52,000 😲

Our first goal was to get back to the highest team size I’d ever achieved, that was a monstrous goal of 700 😅 now imagine our amazement when today, almost 10 years on and we have over 10,000 people in our team and over 800 leaders 😲

It’s been a real journey and the one thing I love the most is showing ordinary people like me and Dennis just how extraordinary they really are and if we can do it then so can they 💯

Here’s to the next 10,000 goals we get to help achieve, here’s to the next 10,000 lives we get to impact 💪 remember no one starts at the top but the only way to reach the top is to start and never stop … reroute if you have to but never slow down in your pursuit to achieving your goals 🌟

Think Big, Dream Big, Believe Big and the results will be BIG

Michelle Kirkbride

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